Heading melody of the film J:Beyond Flamenco, a coral composition with six dancers who caress the scene with a game of distorting mirrors. It starts as a slow jota and finishes in a ¾, typical from Flamenco.

Jota Mudejar

Extremely beautiful composition of Jota: Beyond Flamenco that uses Jota’s Mozarab roots in the popular song “Me despido de tus cerrojos y tus llaves” (I bif farewell from your bolts and keys”, with the voices of Maria Jose Hernandez and Lahbib Lahmen. Woman and man fusion with Miguel Angel Berna and Manuela Adamo’s dance, of […]

C. Núñez interview

Saura told us: “I am going to set a Celt circle, and put the dancers in the center of it”. Then he let us do, he let the magic appear and we discovered something new, something that had been there for thousands of years… The songs, the melodies that come from afar, blended. Each of […]


Saura reveals an energetic and passionate display of music, singing and dancing. A fascinating exploration of the work of Berna, Baras, Malikian, Cañizares, Núñez, Del Río… We are shown a traditional folks jota, the type that is exhibited in plazas with participants sporting barefoot and jeans.

Ara Malikian about J

“My father was in love with classical Spanish music: Falla, Granados and specially Pablo Sarasate. I learnt the song that I played in the movie when I was still in Lebanon, so I already knew was a jota was without knowing it exactly”.


“Cañizares is a master, very elegant and neat: one of the best guitarists in Spain” according to Carlos Saura. In J:Beyond Flamenco he is accompanied by two dancers of the Conservatory of Granada, Irene Ruiz and Miriam Abad, in between outpour stunted images.


Carlos Saura: “It has been a surprise, one of the most powerful parts, a beautiful crescendo: the Jota Gallega starts softly and it increases until everybody is dancing and singing… Carlos Nuñez is a marvelous bagpiper, with and exceptional talent: one of the best artists of Spanish folklore”.


The best of the songs is Jota from Aragon,  that sows in my heart the beats of my land. The pure Jota is always sung, inherited from the masters of XIX century. In this case, it is sung by Nacho del Río y Beatriz Bernard, accompanied by Miguel Ángel Tapia playing the piano. “Barbarian voices […]

Valeriano Paños

Symbiosis between cello and fandango played by Giovanni Sollima and Valeriano Paños in J:Beyond Flamenco.   Carlos Saura explores the multiple possibilities and rythm changes, relying on the dancer and the cellist, with a dramatic staging for Boccherini’s Fandango.

Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian is a violin masterful besides a dear person, according to Carlos Saura, who reflect in Jota: Beyond Flamenco (2016) the natural empathy of the armenian violinist and his proximitiy to gipsy culture. Watching him play it seems really easy!!