The best of the songs is Jota from Aragon,  that sows in my heart the beats of my land. The pure Jota is always sung, inherited from the masters of XIX century. In this case, it is sung by Nacho del Río y Beatriz Bernard, accompanied by Miguel Ángel Tapia playing the piano. “Barbarian voices […]

Valeriano Paños

Symbiosis between cello and fandango played by Giovanni Sollima and Valeriano Paños in J:Beyond Flamenco.   Carlos Saura explores the multiple possibilities and rythm changes, relying on the dancer and the cellist, with a dramatic staging for Boccherini’s Fandango.

Ara Malikian

Ara Malikian is a violin masterful besides a dear person, according to Carlos Saura, who reflect in Jota: Beyond Flamenco (2016) the natural empathy of the armenian violinist and his proximitiy to gipsy culture. Watching him play it seems really easy!!


A game between dancing and courting with the great dancers Sara Baras and Miguel Angel Berna. An encounter of two places and expressions: Jota and Flamenco. Sara Baras dances with “elegance, beauty and precise movements”, according to Carlos Saura. Exquisite shadow play from “J:Beyond Flamenco”.


Miguel Angel Berna, dancer and choreographer of the film “J:Beyond Flamenco” dances a jota “with a Senecan neatness and accuracy” Carlos Saura tells us. María Mazzotta sings, Alberto Artigas plays the guitar and Manuela Adamo narrates.